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Women in Classical Music: Home

This guides focuses primarily on women in Western art music. Ask a librarian for help finding resources about women in other musical genres or for other underrepresented groups.

All our guides are works in progress! If you know of a resource that should be included here, please tell us.


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Selected Books on Women in Music

Sounds and Sweet Airs

Tells the stories of eight female composers, from Renaissance Florence to 20th-century London.

Say Can You Deny Me

Lists the locations of the printed and manuscript sources of Renaissance, baroque, classic, and some early romantic women composers.

In Her Own Words

Interviews with 25 accomplished female U.S. composers from the mid-20th century into the 21st, opening new perspectives on the prospects and possibilities of making music in a changing world.

Women in Music

Annotated bibliography covering the variety of published writings on women, their work, and the important roles feminist outlooks have played in scholarship and journalism.

The Oxford Handbook of Social Justice in Music Education

Frames social justice within social, historical, cultural, and political contexts; grapples with issues of inclusivity and diversity, racism, and other cycles of injustice in music pedagogy; and offers specific examples of social justice in action.

Music by Black Women Composers

Listing of works, arranged by type of instrument and size of ensemble. Full text available in print or via Google Books.

Women Performing Music

Explores the experiences of women from the late 19th and early 20th centuries who pursued careers as public performers, charting a new course for women in this era.

So You Want to Sing Music by Women

Opens a vast repertoire of vocal music written by hundreds of historical and contemporary women composers. Includes interviews with high-profile composers.

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