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dancersThis guide focuses primarily on American stage dance. It does not cover the even more diverse worlds of international, folk, and popular dance. Ask a librarian for help finding resources on these and other topics.

All our guides are works in progress! If you know of a resource that should be included here, please tell us.


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Selected Dance Diversity Books in the Allen Library

Choreographing Difference

Shows how the dancing body shifts conventions of representation and provides a critical example of the relationship between cultures and the bodies that inhabited them.

Dance and Gender

Reveals how gender dynamics affect the lives of dancers, choreographers, and others who are involved in the world of dance, and adds to today's discussions about living in a gendered society.

Turning Pointe

A reckoning with ballet, whose past and present are shaped by gender, racial, and class inequities - and a look inside the fight for its future.

Dance Pedagogy for a Diverse World

Discusses how to diversify ballet technique classes and dance history courses, choreographing dance about socially charged issues, incorporating Native American dances into the curriculum, and more.

Queer Dance

Engaging with dance making, dance scholarship, queer studies, and other fields, Queer Dance asks how identities, communities, and artmaking and scholarly practices might consider what queer work the body does and can do.

The Evolving Feminine Ballet Body

Perspectives on the historically thin, flexible, and highly feminized ballet body, now taking on new and complex meanings at the intersections of performance art, popular culture, and fitness.

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