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Jazz: Technique

On this page, you'll find resources to improve your technique.

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Jazz Techniques for Any Instrument

Jazz Technique Books in the Allen Library (selections)

Find more technique books

There are many more technique books in the library! Search the catalog by subject, for example:
Improvisation (music) 
Jazz > Instruction and study
Vocal improvisation (music) 

Alternatively, browse the shelves by call number:

Call Number Genre
MT68 Improvisation
MT170-MT725 Instrumental techniques 
By instrument. Not jazz-specific.
See guides below for details.

Instrument-Specific Techniques

Instrument Technique Books (selections)

Improvising Jazz Sax

Professional insights into chords, blues and special effects. Contains examples in the styles of Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Johnny Hodges.

Jazz Inspiration for Improvisation: B♭ Trumpet Method

Jazz improv techniques designed to inspire and enlighten trumpet players.

Jazz Mallets

Improv exercises, patterns, soloing & comping suggestions, progressions, and more. Includes play-a-long CD.

Jazz Scales for Guitar

Includes 7 modes of the major scale, melodic and harmonic minor, whole-tone, diminished, blues, pentatonic, Hindu, oriental scales, and more.

Jazz Vocal Improvision

Helps you hear, understand, and apply jazz theory so that you can solo as a complete musician.

Ray Brown's Bass Method

Includes exercises, right- and left-hand positions, scales, chords, rhythm patterns, and much more.

Solo Jazz Piano

A step-by-step approach to solo jazz improvisation for piano. Includes transcriptions of sample improvisations and accompanying CD.

Instrument Guides

Many aspects of technique are more specific to an instrument rather than to jazz. These technique books (and how to find more) are listed in the subject guides for each particular instrument.

Open the guide for your instrument, then navigate to the Technique page. The books listed on these guides are not jazz-specific, but cover all aspects of technique, such as scales, articulation, and more.

Suggest a Resource

Know of a resource you think should be added to this guide? Let us know!

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