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Selected Harp Books in the Allen Library

Harp Music Bibliography

Lists thousands of works for harp with up to 8 other instruments, vocal and choral works with harp, and harp concertos.

Guide to the Contemporary Harp

Explores the harp from all angles, including organology, composition, notation, techniques, and contemporary repertoire.

On Playing the Harp

A comprehensive approach to playing the harp, useful to harpists of all levels. Includes ideas, information, and exercises.

Method for the Harp

Exercises with illustrations and technical explanations.
A complement to Salzedo's Modern Study of the Harp and Conditioning Exercises.

Becoming an Orchestral Musician

How to succeed in joining and surviving in an orchestra or ensemble. Includes sections on auditioning, conductors, performing philosophies, the highs and lows of performing, and more.

Harps and Harpists

Surveys the harp from antiquity to the present day, from the simple early harp to the modern pedal harp.

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