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Selected Cello Books in the Allen Library

Becoming an Orchestral Musician

How to succeed in joining and surviving in an orchestra or ensemble. Includes sections on auditioning, conductors, performing philosophies, the highs and lows of performing, and more.

Cello Music Since 1960

Lists more than 5,200 works for the solo cellist written 1960-1990. Entries give information on the duration, first performances and recordings, instrumentation, performance techniques used, and degree of difficulty.

The String Instrument Owner's Handbook

A roadmap for every step of the owning process from selecting and buying (or renting) to maintaining, repairing, modifying, upgrading, and reselling your instrument.

String Quartets

An annotated bibliography of sources about the string quartet, including general references, histories, composers, performance, facsimiles and critical editions, and more.

The World of Music According to Starker

A colorful autobiography spanning his musical education during WWII in Hungary, to his world tours, educational philosophy, and recording and pedagogical legacy


A healthy approach to learning the cello that promotes self-awareness, problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

The Solo Cello

Lists more than 1,500 works from the Baroque era to the present day. It gives information about each piece, including durations of works, and composers' dates and nationalities.

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