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Selected Oboe Books in the Allen Library

Oboe Art and Method

Explanations of breathing, embouchure, finger technique, articulation, phrasing; plus advice on practicing, instrument care, career development, and more.

The Woodwind Instrument Owner's Handbook

A roadmap for every step of the owning process from selecting and buying (or renting) to maintaining, repairing, modifying, upgrading, and reselling your instrument.

Great Oboists on Music and Musicianship

26 leading oboists share their insights on the performance techniques, learning strategies, and career moves that propelled them to their current stature.

The Oboe

Traces oboe history from its beginnings to the present time, discussing how and why it evolved, its music, and its most prominent. performers.

We Can't Always Play Waltzes

American oboist Bert Lucarelli is interviewed about his life, work, teaching, the arts, and more.

Oboe Unbound

Describes standard and new oboe techniques such as multiphonics, microtones, altered timbres, and extended range. Includes musical examples and hundreds of fingerings.

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