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Research Tutorial

Accessing Databases through Harrison Libraries' Web Page

The Harrison Libraries provides access to over 60 subscription databases, many of which contain hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of different publications, and millions of articles. The library's page also provides links to some of the freely accessible websites that still contain really good information. All together, we have over 200 links in our database listings!

So how do you find this treasure trove of information? Start back on the Libraries' home page and click on the "Databases and Articles" tab in the middle of the page:

If you know the name of the database (for example, your professor might tell you to specifically look in a database called New York Times), you can bring up the link to it by typing in the name and clicking on the "Go" button:

Screenshot of Databases & Articles tab. “Databases title” highlighted. Search box filled in with “New York Times”. “Go” button highlighted.

This will bring you to a page that looks like this:

You would then click title of the database; in this case "New York Times ( to be taken into the actual database. (Remember, on the library websites, BLUE means that something is a link and you can click on it!)

However, most of the time, you aren't going to know what database to start looking in. But that's where the "Browse by Subject" menu comes in handy. You can choose your general subject area:

And when you click "Go" you will be taken to a page that lists the resources relevant to that subject:

REMEMBER: This is NOT where you search for articles. This is where you locate what databases are available to you. You must click on the red, linked name of the database to be taken into the database itself before you can start searching. (It will be obvious when you have entered the actual database because the page will look totally different!)

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