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Getting Started with OER: Open Pedagogy

This guide is your one-stop-shop for getting started with OER. You will learn the basics, learn about Creative Commons licensing, where to find OER and how to evaluate it, and what's happening with the University of Hartford's OER Initiative.

Interview with Rajiv Jhangiani on Open Educational Practices

Beyond Cost Savings

Open Pedagogy (falling under the broader term Open Educational Practice) is an exciting and evolving field that has come out of the OER movement. Open Pedagogy - as defined by Robin DeRosa (Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Plymouth State University) - is a practice that:

  • Approaches education from a "commons" orientation, advocating for the sharing of resources, ideas, and power
  • Bakes access and accessibility into the design of its assignments, courses, programs, and institutions
  • Empowers learners to contribute to - not just consume - knowledge
  • Connects learners with their scholarly and professional communities of practice

To hear more about Robin's approach to open pedagogy - read her blog post "Open Pedagogy at the Program Level: The #PlymouthIDS Case Study."

Rather than just finding low cost materials, such as presented in Inclusive Access packages, the open licensing structure of OER allow for materials to be combined, interpreted, revised, and so much more in exciting ways. Open Pedagogy invites students to be a part of the process of designing course materials, or creating assignments that live beyond the grade. Examples of Open Pedagogy in practice can be found by visiting the Open Pedagogy Notebook.


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