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Vocal Music (Solo): Texts

Opera Libretti

Online Resources

Libretti in the Allen Library

info iconFinding a libretto in the catalog is pretty straightforward. Your search should typically include:

  • Title of the work
  • Composer or librettist's last name
  • The word "libretto"

Stand-alone librettos are marked as "books" in the catalog and have call numbers between ML47 and ML54.
But librettos can also be found inside scores and recordings.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to find both types, or ask a librarian for help!

Looking for a translation or IPA transcription? Try our guide to Vocal Music Translations.
Many resources listed there include the texts in their original language, plus translation and/or IPA transcription.

Song Texts

Online Resources

Books in the Allen Library

info iconMost books of song texts have a call number starting with ML54.6.
Most are in the Allen Library reference section, though some are in the regular shelves too.

To see all our books of song texts, search the catalog for the subject Songs > Texts.

To find a specific text, start with our guide to Vocal Music Translations, since most of those resources include the text in its original language.
If you can't find the text in one of those resources, ask a librarian for help!

Suggest a Resource

Know of a resource you think should be added to this guide? Let us know!

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