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Violin: Technique

Recommended Resources

Technique Books in the Allen Library (selections)

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There are many more technique books available in the library! Use these call numbers to find more:

Call Number Topic
MT259 String technique (general)
MT260 Violin technique (general)
MT261 Physiology of the hand
MT262 Systems and methods
MT265 Studies and exercises (general)
MT266 Orchestral studies
MT267 Bowing
MT268 Positions
MT269 Chords
MT270 Harmonics
MT271 Other studies (fingering, tone, etc.)
MT272 Studies for 2 violins
MT274-MT279 Instructive editions
MT279.7 Jazz violin technique

Browse Professional Journals

Professional journals are a great place to learn from experts about the most recent developments in your field.
Search articles online or browse the Allen Library current periodicals (near the Allen entrance). See especially:

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