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The resources in this guide are just starting points in a very wide-ranging field. See our other guides or contact a librarian for help on specific topics.. 


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Selected Music Theory Books in the Library

Analyses of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Music, 1940-2000

Lists over 9,000 analyses from articles, dissertations, books, and more.

Expanding the Horizon of Electroacoustic Music Analysis

An overview of analysis methods for electroacoustic music, with analyses of key works.

Basic Post-Tonal Theory and Analysis

A thorough introduction to post-tonal music theory and its application to music composed since 1900.

How to Write about Music

Selections from the 33 1/3 series, from a variety of go-to genres such as album reviews, personal essays, blog posts and interviews, along with tips, writing prompts, and advice from the writers themselves.

The Cambridge History of Western Music Theory

Traces the panorama of Western music theory from the Ancient Greeks to the present day.

Jazz Theory

Theory fundamentals integrated with ear training, keyboard skills, and improvisation.

Form As Harmony in Rock Music

Examines how classic rock songs exhibit cohesive formal-harmonic structures.

Tonal Harmony

A comprehensive, yet accessible and highly practical, set of tools for understanding music.

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