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Music Theatre: Find Music

Find a Specific Song/Show

Scores and Recordings in the Library

Usually, finding a musical in the catalog is easy! Here are some tips:

  • Search the title of the show and limit the format to Printed Music, Sound Recordings, or Videos (depending on what you need).
  • If you're looking for a libretto, add the word "libretto" to your search and limit the format to Books.
  • If you need a particular song, search for the whole musical. Once you find it, flip through to find the song you need.
    • Note: Some vocal scores and recordings have "selections" rather than all the songs from a show. Check the table of contents to see if it includes the song you need.

Once you find what you need in the catalog, use the call number to find it on the shelf.

Sometimes songs are "hidden" in anthologies that don't list contents in the catalog. Your friendly librarians are happy to help you find these!

Looking for music online? See our guide to Music Scores Online.

Online resources

Streaming Audio & Video

Search one of these library databases for the title of the show or song you need.



Some musical scores are available on the open web. Search one of these resources for the title of the show or song you need.

Discover More Songs/Shows

Anthologies in the Library (selections)

Anthology: A collection of musical works by different composers, published together.

The library has dozens of anthologies! Here are just a couple to get you started:

Reference Books in the Library

These books list hundreds of shows and/or songs. Some identify the voice type, range, and style of individual songs; others describe the songs or give background information on the show itself.

Once you find the song or show you want, use the tips above to search the catalog for a vocal score or recording.

Streaming Audio/Video Databases

Use the browsing features in one of these library databases to discover new works.

Browse the Shelves

young man looks at library shelvesBrowsing is a great way to discover new works if you don't have a specific show in mind!
Browse these areas to find new musicals:

Call number Genre
ML 48 – ML 54 Librettos (musicals and operas)
M 1508 Musical vocal scores
MD 1508 Musical CDs
MO 1508 Musical DVDs
MR 1508 Musical LPs
MV 1508 Musical VHS tapes

Notice that all these (except librettos) have "1508" in the call number? If you remember that number, you can find almost any musical in the library!

Suggest a Resource

Know of a resource you think should be added to this guide? Let us know!

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