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Selected Conducting Books in the Allen Library

Choral Repertoire

Covers the full canon of Western choral tradition. Contains a general description of each historical era, styles of various countries, composer biographies, and performance annotations of more than 5,000 works.

The Beat Stops Here

Addresses the technique of conducting as an extension of intimate knowledge of the score to the hands and arms. Also explores the various roles a conductor plays, as a teacher, scholar, and member of the musical community.

Daniels' Orchestral Music, 6th ed.

The gold standard for orchestral programming. Over 14,000 entries with duration, instrumentation, and composition date. Includes appendices for browsing by ensemble type, instrumentation, duration, composer anniversaries, and more.

The Elements of Expressive Conducting

Describes movement theories, discusses strategies for musical expression and coordination, and provides suggestions for building to a professional level of success.

A Conductor's Repertory of Chamber Music

Lists over 1000 works for chamber ensembles with 9-15 solo instruments. Includes instrumentation, publisher, composer's birth date, and number of musicians.

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