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Bassoon: Career Resources

Connect with Professionals

Professional Organizations

Student membership is often very affordable! Here are just a few benefits of joining an organization:

  • Connect with performers, instrument makers, and more
  • Get first notice of scholarships, competitions, and job openings
  • Attend festivals and events at reduced cost

Browse Professional Journals

Professional journals are a great place to learn from experts about the most recent developments in your field.
Search articles online or browse the Allen Library current periodicals (near the Allen entrance). See especially:

Learn More

Bassoon Career Books in the Allen Library (selections)

Music Career Books in the Allen Library (selections)

Here are a few books with information for succeeding in almost any music career.

Find more books on music careers

Search subjects in the catalog:

Music > Vocational guidance
Performing arts > Vocational guidance

Suggest a Resource

Know of a resource you think should be added to this guide? Let us know!

Want to suggest we purchase something new? Contact Tracey Rudnick (


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