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Keyboard Instruments (Non-Piano): Research

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Articles are great for research because they generally cover a very narrow topic in great detail. In addition, scholarly journal articles generally include a bibliography where you can find more resources on the same topic.

Journal Article Databases

thinkerLibrary databases provide citations for articles, book chapters, and more. Most articles/chapters focus on a narrow and specific topic, so they are great for deeper research. To get started:

  1. Choose a database.
  2. Search for keywords such as genres, topics, names of people, etc.
  3. Limit your results by date, language, and more with the the left-hand menu on the results page.

Need more help?

See our Article help page for step-by-step instructions and videos to help you search databases and find full-text articles. And you can always ask a librarian for individual help.

Music Article Databases


History Books in the Allen Library (selections)

Find more history books

Browse by subject in the catalog, for example: 
Harpsichord > History
Harpsichord music > History and criticism
Organ > History
Organ music > History and criticism

Browse the shelves by call number:

Call Number Topic
ML550 – ML597 Organ history and construction
ML600 – ML649 Organ music and playing
ML650 – ML697 Piano and pre-piano history and construction
ML700 – ML747 Piano and pre-piano music and playing

Performer Biographies in the Allen Library (selections)

Find more biographies

Search subjects or performer names in the catalog, for example:
Organists > Biography
Pianists > Biography (Includes performers of pre-piano instruments)

Bach, Johann Sebastian
Couperin, François
Scarlatti, Domenico

Call Number Topic
ML396 Collected organist biographies
ML397 Collected pianist/keyboardist biographies
ML410 Composer biographies 
(for composer-performers)
ML416 Organist biographies
ML417 Pianist/keyboardist biographies


Reference resources include dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more.
They often provide a short overview of a topic, then point to more resources you can use for further research.

Music Reference Databases

Books in the Allen Library (selections)

Find more reference books

See all piano reference books in the catalog:
Harpsichord reference
Keyboard reference 
Organ reference

Browse the Reference shelves by call number:

Call Number Topic
ML102 O68 Organ dictionaries & encyclopedias
ML128 O68 Organ bibliographies
ML652 Piano construction and makers

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Find Full Text Articles

Search eJournal Locator for the journal title:

 Journal Title:

Need help? See our article help page or ask a librarian.


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