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Black Classical Music and Musicians: Repertoire

This page provides resources for discovering repertoire by Black composers.

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Find a Specific Work/Composer

Find Scores and Recordings

Find a copy online

Can't visit the library? Use our COVID-19 Response guide to find online score & recording sites, then search for the piece you need.

Find a copy in the Allen Library

sample catalog search for 'tropic winter nathaniel dett' limited to Printed Music (All); results show catalog record with library location and call number

  1. Open the library catalog.
  2. Search the title and composer's name.
  3. Limit the format to Printed Music, Sound Recordings, or Videos
    (depending on what you need).
  4. Find a catalog record for the piece you need.
  5. Use the location and call number to find it on the shelf.

Image top: catalog search with the format limited to Printed Music.
Image bottom: search result showing location and call number.


Request a copy from another library

worldcat search example limited to Musical Scores, result showing ILL linkIf we don't own a copy, you can often get a copy from another library through Interlibrary Loan:

  1. Open WorldCat.
  2. Search the title and composer's name.
  3. Limit the format to Musical Scores, Sound Recordings, or Visual Materials (depending on what you need).
  4. Find a record for the piece you need.
  5. Click the title to open the full record.
  6. Click the link to ILL this with ILLiad@H.
  7. Log into ILLiad or create a new account.
  8. Wait for the form to auto-fill, then click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Image top: WorldCat search with format limit to Musical Scores.
Image bottom: resulting record will ILL link.

Get help

Searching for music can be tricky! If you can't find what you need, ask a librarian for help.

Discover More Music

Music in the library catalog (and similar tools) is not identified by composers' demographic information.
The most reliable method is to search for the name of a composer and/or work title.
The resources below can help you identify names and titles.
Use one to find a composer and/or work, then use the above method to locate a score or recording.


Anthologies in the Allen Library (selections)

Anthology: A collection of musical works by different composers, published together.

Repertoire Guides in the Allen Library (selections)

Repertoire Guide: A list of music for a specific topic, instrument, or group. Often describes style, difficulty, or musical features.

Suggest a Resource

Know of a resource you think should be added to this guide? Let us know!

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